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What is KAOS? Chaos is often seen as bad, even evil, but this interpretation ignores the two sides of the reality which those of an eclectic or chaotic/inclusive/experimental spiritual path walk; the side of ultimate potential, the ability to create, realize, change or become anything, and one of ultimate responsibility for ones wishes, actions and decisions. KAOS is the void in which everything is possible, good or bad. It is the space that remains after you rip down the scaffolding of organized religion, traditional paths and programming that clogs and shapes the minds of everyone on the planet. It is the building of a new, individual, free-thinker’s faith borne of personal truths and experimental research done by (and confirmed in the experiences of) oneself and oneself only. Chaotic paths are individual paths built upon the ashes of the old and the obsolete, that which is not the self and does not serve the self. KAOS is about living a mutable spirituality, about creating and accepting one’s own impacts upon the very real non-physical world around us.

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The basics:

All traditions and practices work, provided:

  • There is sufficient belief they will work
  • Observer doubt is removed (or kept at a minimum)
  • The result is not kept in check by a higher self (for various purposes, including for the purpose of keeping you on a path to lessons that the greater elements of your consciousness feel you need to learn.)

KAOS is lucid dreaming your waking reality. KAOS has been called “Paradigm Piracy” in that it borrows from other traditions (paradigms) at will and as often as each individual chooses as they construct their paths. In this sense, it is more like spiritual salvaging, picking meat from the bones of dead religions, or even creating hybrid styles and original architecture by analyzing (and incorporating elements of) what has come before.

Often, it is symbolized by an eight pointed star of arrows originating from a single point, but I’ve constructed my own symbol which I feel is more inclusive (rather than exploding outward.)
By reversing the arrows and orienting them toward a single point, a symbol is created that portrays all paths leading to the same source. It implies concentration, focus, the movement of disparate elements toward a greater whole, not in the sense of a mass, a army or a religion, but in the sense of an individual.

So what is KAOS? Everything. Why KAOS? Because it is everything, endless potential requiring endless self-responsibility for realities created. In this sense, Chaos Grimoire is an online book of ingredients which you can pick and choose from, then mix together (or rewrite altogether) to bake your own cake.



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