Thursday, December 23, 2010

Manifestation Wall


One of the keys to bringing the things into your life that you want is not to wish for them and see them as being separate from yourself, it is seeing yourself as having those things already and truly living within that better life.

Manifestation Wall exists as a place where you can weave reality. It is a place where you can dream among the global consciousness and reach out to the universe, projecting a reality that you want to see come to pass. It is a place where you can write your dreams as reality, live as if they had already come to pass, and place that reality into the greater fabric of human global consciousness.

Take a look around, see some of the dreams that have already been put out there, and contribute some of your own.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dream Journey to the Future


Contributor: Amanda Firefox
Tested: Yes

Sometimes I like to peer into the future. Dreams are, I find, one of the best ways to do that.

My personal technique involves a little bit of herb lore combined with a little bit of focusing meditation. First, you need some Mugwort. It’s a fairly commonly used herb for dreaming (not hallucinogenic) so if you can’t find it locally, you might be able to send off for it. Fresh hops also works.

Put some in your pillowcase (or make a tiny dream package/pillow out of cloth.) The more you use, the more vivid your dreams will be.

Before you go to sleep, take a moment to relax, focus your mind and meditate. Focus on your breathing, and put the person, object, time or other reference point for the future at the forefront of your mind. Fill your mind with it as you drift off to sleep, and feel your third eye opening to a vision of the future. Allow yourself to fall into the vision.

When you wake up, immediately write down what you saw before you forget it.

- - -

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Working Pure Energy


Contributor: Earl S. Wynn

We live in an age where the observations of a rapidly advancing science simply must be taken into account in regards to the presence, quality and inherent power of the non-physical elements of reality. Non-physical reality, as we understand it scientifically, is the part of reality that cannot be touched, but which can be interacted with. Wireless signals, radio waves, electromagnetic fields, these sorts of things are intangible and imperceptible to the senses most of the time, and yet they are there, mixing and swirling in the same space, and most importantly, they can be interacted with. But what do non-physical elements like radio waves and visible light have to do with spirituality? Simple– consciousness is an energy. It is composed of a wave that is merely on a different frequency in a part of the spectrum that is much more difficult to perceive, and yet which penetrates and envelopes everything. Sound implausible? As living organisms, we can only perceive a small amount of the energy around us with our established senses– beyond that, there is an entire spectrum of energy that we use every time we turn on the radio or use the internet or make a cellphone call. These energy fields are always here, occupying the same spaces as each other and yet (usually) never getting in the way of each other. But no one in the know will ever claim that we can perceive all of the frequencies of energy that exist around us, even with the use of technology. It is reasonable to assume that there are endless variations of energy frequency in any given space, and that’s where the more “subtle” energies are most likely to exist, if they exist within this dimension (scientists agree that there are many) at all.

But if spiritual (non-physical) energy is merely a particular frequency (or group of frequencies) then what does that mean for religion? It means a unification (or at least a universal acceptance) is a possibility. Ask yourself: How would you feel if you realized suddenly that every faith which is practiced by people who put conscious belief into their practices, is ultimately right or true, in a sense? How would it effect your life if suddenly it became clear that we’re all right in our own ways of manipulating the non-physical, however individual those ways may be?

Confused? Wondering how it could be that simple? Think about it this way:

Religion and spirituality as they stand today are useful, but they are ultimately flawed constructs which work in blunt, dualistic ways, applying simple logic to string together the things that we perceive and cannot explain. They are like emulators, operating systems or frames that give the mind a mentally tangible means of explaining how interactions within the realm of non-physical reality work. In short, individual faiths, regardless of how ancient or new, are like languages– no one language is right or wrong. They all have their beauty and their shortcomings, and some people will defend a given language to the death and try to spread it everywhere they go, but ultimately languages are only the means by which we can interact with the massive sea of pure thought which exists within the minds of each of us as individuals. Languages are the operating systems, if you will, the emulators through which thought becomes concrete and transmissible.

Now, imagine if we could strip away all the extraneous elements of language and just communicate in pure thought. That’s the approach this site takes toward non-physical (spiritual) energies. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you worship– if you believe, you’re working with the same energies. You’re creating harmony in the discord. Is this supported by science? Most definitely. Numerous experiments have shown that the mind is capable of effecting change on the quantum level, and we all have the same basic design of human brain. The same centers react in our mind when we have a spiritual experience because they are part of the emulation process that allows the physical to access and utilize the non-physical. We are powerful beings, even here, projected as we are into the densest layers of reality (physical existence) and we have only to realize that power to effect profound changes for the betterment not just of ourselves, but of others and the world around us.

The point of this site is not to start any new religion or encourage people to throw away their current faiths, but to reveal the unifying energy beneath all faiths and philosophies to encourage a greater involvement and impact within your religious experiences, as well as a greater acceptance of the beliefs of others. Everyone should be allowed to worship whatever they want, however they want. It’s not how the energies we align with spirituality are accessed that matters, it is what we choose to use them for.

Our first obstacle, however, is doubt.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Money Attracting Spell

Contributed by: E.S. Wynn
Tested: Yes

The best way that I’ve found to attract cold hard cash when you really need it is to:

1. Really, genuinely and completely believe that money is coming soon. Completely fool yourself into believing that there is a check in the mail. Anything that works. Change the world as you perceive it. If you start to worry or doubt, slap yourself. Every. Time. Accept any rituals you do around this as just ways to get the check faster as it trickles through the quantum fabric of the universe and the realities of every other person who handles it on its way to your door.

2. Don’t forget to do your ritual. Make sure it has some left over element to it that will linger in your subconscious afterward. I’ve known people who just went out and channeled Donald Trump or Howard Hughes, but praying to any deity you want works too. For those who need more structure (or feel lost in the chaos of their own universes) here’s what I do:

3. Get something to write, draw or paint with and put this symbol on the backs of both of your hands:
Ok, got it? Put a penny and/or an almond in each hand and make a fist around it. Now reach inside yourself and focus energy at whatever point in your body you associate with your spiritual power. (For me, it’s in the solar plexus.) Charge it up, close your eyes, then repeat the following lines thirteen times (increasing intensity as you go.)

Money is coming
I am going to have lots of money
Money is coming
I have an abundance of money
Coming to me.

Once you’ve done that, lay back, take a break, eat some chocolate, play with yourself, whatever it takes to get yourself in a 100% mellow mood. Forget about the spell. Bliss out and don’t even think about money. It usually comes within three minutes, hours, days or weeks.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Doubt As An Energy


Contributor: Earl S. Wynn

In our modern society, where too often people perceive their reality in sharp, party-like ideological dualities, people often take opposing positions to greater categories of institutions or collected values (like religion or socialism.) We are human. We like to put things in neat categories and boxes that we can simply accept or dismiss as a whole as necessary. Because of this, we tend to see only two sides of any issue (acceptance and dismissal) and lump everything even remotely related to that greater conglomerated issue onto either side of a line that exists only in our minds. I saw this a lot growing up in a small town– there were only two religious “boxes” that people were ever perceived to fall into: Christianity (Protestantism and local Quaker churches) and Satanism (Everything from Atheism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, Paganism and Taoism to yoga and meditation.) I like to use this example because it shows how dangerous dualistic thinking can be in regards to ideologies and institutions, especially those that we know little, if anything about. We have to realize that there is a wider world of infinite variation out there and expand our perceptions to include and accept it. We have to perceive reality in a way that is deeper than simple dualities.

But even then, we can’t stop there.

Those who look beyond a simple yes/no view of the world and the issues beyond it will first notice the line between the two groups in any given situation and consider standing on the line itself. This isn’t always accepted in wider society, as there is a stigma about being “on the fence”– It means one is not committing to one “side” of an issue or another, and therefore not adding their strength to the energetic construct created by others embracing sides of an issue as it stands. Instead of falling back on dualism, however, I would encourage readers to stand up and look even beyond the “fence.” Realize that nothing ever really exists in such a two or three dimensional fashion. Nothing can truly be divided into two separate stances, and especially larger issues that people construct in their minds, pitting all of science, math and theory of a certain flavor against all of the science, math and theory of another.

This is where doubt comes in. All too often, people of an intelligent background fed up with the inadequacies of a particular religious construct where things that are unexplainable (like miracles) are accepted by virtue of an obviously flawed belief (or set of ritual codes) alone, reappraise their view of the world and, drawing upon their propensity to construct dichotomies, create instead a skeptical system of interaction with the unexplainable that denies it exists altogether. They project doubt upon the unexplainable because it reminds them of the belief system which they left behind because they viewed it as destructive and/or hampering, and by projecting that doubt into their reality, it not only colors everything they see, it also closes them off from that which is unexplainable. They don’t believe in it, and because doubting (consciously choosing not to believe that something will manifest) is a conscious action which expends detectable amounts of energy within the brain, (and the brain has been proven to effect reality on a quantum level, thereby making changes in the energy of which everything is ultimately composed) it actually influences the structure of reality within their perception in a way that makes such unexplainable events significantly less likely to manifest, if they manifest within that person’s perceivable reality at all. In simple terms: Your mind is capable of changing reality by influencing it on a level at which scientists have shown that everything you can see and touch is ultimately composed of energy. This means that our thoughts (all of our thoughts) effect the reality around us in degrees relating to how strongly we feel or believe them, or in relation to how likely we believe a particular outcome is to happen. This is why doubt is so powerful at stopping non-physical manipulation– the brain is the tool here. If you try to effect change, but don’t believe that you can (or even doubt that you can in even the slightest way) you are ultimately weakening your impact upon the non-physical elements of reality that would shape the physical reality as you perceive it. You have nothing to lose in the grand scheme of things by committing yourself wholly to belief, (after all, if the Atheist model is correct, nothing really matters and you are a meaningless, random blip in an endless sea) but start small. Sure, the size of a miracle attempted is only a perceptual construct (one that has no bearing on objective reality) but realize that even the subconscious mind has doubts about things like being able to jump off a bridge and fly in the face of all known laws of physics.

Are you powerless against doubt? Never. You are the universe. Doubt is an energy. Use it as a tool both to protect yourself from the unwanted manipulations of energy projected by others (i.e. non-physical attack) and as a fuel to enhance the changes you want to make within the world. Stand up and believe. Do it constantly. Accept and be an active participant in the non-physical elements of your reality no matter what anyone else says, thinks or otherwise projects doubt into. Learn to accept the doubts of others and use them to overcome your own doubts instead of allowing yourself to become a victim to them.

- - -

Friday, September 17, 2010

Realizing Your Inner Power

Contributor: Earl S. Wynn

For thousands of years and across a significant number of major cultures, people of both medical and spiritual knowledge have noted a network of “lines” and “focuses” that traverse the body and, when interacted with in various ways (acupuncture, reiki, etc.) Can manifest observable effects in the physical body. These are the chakras, the five bends and capping points of the ancient Greek Caduceus, and the energy meridians of spiritual Christianity and eastern energy workers. These are the non-physical pathways for energy that are echoed in the physical body. Some claim that these are merely nerve junctions and pathways, but such people should not dismiss the nervous system so easily as a merely physical phenomena. After all, the brain is a part of the nervous system, and it carries within it the most easily observable portion of the non-physical self: The conscious projection of the universal energy referred to as the “soul” or “spirit.”

Physical bodies as a phenomena are the manifestations through which the greater, collective consciousness exerts itself upon the most dense layers of our greater world. They are the means through which the non-physical self explores the distances of physical reality. This does not mean they are created spontaneously– these biological machines, these vehicles of the self have most certainly evolved, and they have evolved toward becoming the fittest vehicles they can become. One of the problems, I think, with reconciling the differences between science and religion is that spirituality has a hard time accepting the rigid and rigorous natural mechanisms of the physical world (survival of the fittest, etc.) and science is so mired in the laws of nature and the physics of the physical world that it is reluctant to chase after anything beyond that rigid physical layer. We like to think that in our current state of scientific exploration, we know everything there is to know about the mind and the physical reality around us, but the truth is that while we know an incredible amount and have made impressive leaps and bounds in understanding, in the grander scheme of things, we really still have a lot to learn (and may always, as we open up new frontiers and vistas of understanding.) We design theoretical models to fill in the huge gulfs of our understanding, but most of these come and go (or are modified) as new and better theoretical models move in to replace them. This is nothing new– this is the path of progress.

But it doesn’t mean we should ignore any part of the non-physical world as witchery or the lunacy of crackpots– any more than we would look at the non-physical phenomena we might feel that we have mastered (radio waves, cell-phone signals, visible light, wireless internet and power transmission, etc.) as simple magic. Science as it stands has the potential to explain everything eventually, but first we must move past the projection of doubt and learn to accept new evidence, information and theories, no matter how radical they may be or how much they may disturb our knowledge of the order of the universe (physically and/or spiritually.) The energy is there, it is real. We just have to learn to accept that fact and teach ourselves how to utilize it. Once we reach that point, we will realize that there is nothing that can hold us back. We are human, we are non-physical energy exerting itself upon denser physical energy. We can do anything we believe we can do.

But, I can hear the skeptics asking: if we can do anything, then why do bad things happen? Why does the world still have so many problems? As with anything else, there are, I believe, a number of factors that would answer this question. First of all, we must keep in mind that the physical world, the world of dense, tangible energy that we can touch and taste and see is, by its very nature, a chaotic force. It is in constant movement, growing and shrinking, radiating out in endless entropy toward some dark and distant future. It is governed by observable laws and moves in patterns, but many of these patterns as we perceive them are beyond our reach. If you ask a random person on the street if they could make it rain, right now, almost universally you would get an answer in the negative. Rain, as a phenomena, is perceived as being just far too massive, especially if we are trying to move it beyond its perceived natural patterns using only this piece of meat that we think with (the brain.) Note the fact that this is all perceived.

Now, add into this the fact that our reality is being sculpted by almost eight billion such human minds, perceiving reality in a very linear and expected way (and who knows what kind of effect the minds of animals or other creatures in the greater universe have upon reality.) The unconscious projection of belief energy could have any number of seemingly random and chaotic effects upon reality, accentuating and cementing the perceived order of things.

If you look up at the sky and it is about to rain, but you decide to will it not to rain, how many more hundreds, thousands, etc. of people (and perhaps animals) are fully expecting it to rain? (Thereby adding their belief unconsciously to a grander consensus than you can muster by simply projecting an individual’s worth of energy at a cloud.) Or to address a more famous example: if we are creatures of ultimately unlimited potential who can affect reality with our minds, why don’t we simply cure cancer or AIDS with a thought? The fact is, in some cases, the power of belief has done exactly that. My own great grandmother beat cancer twice with the power of belief, and she is not alone. So why do these diseases still exist? Because we are all creatures of power, whether we are aware of it or not. When cancer strikes a typical family and everyone in that family believes that it is a death sentence, it is. This is the key. Belief effects reality, and if, say, we bring in a faith healer who already doubts their ability to heal illness, much less something perceived as huge and serious (like cancer) into a room with doctors and observers (and even possibly the patient themself) who are all projecting massive amounts of doubt, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the little tiny sliver of belief projected from what the individual believes is the limit of the power of the self will drown in the massive sea of doubt that has already decided the cancer victim’s fate. With this “death by doubt” scenario happening all over the world in a massive number of different ways all the time, how can one person, one individual, expect to eradicate a disease simply by “willing” it away against the massively larger ocean of energy which is mixing chaotically all around them, pulling reality in a thousand different directions, but according to patterns of perceived reality (you get cancer, you die, etc.) ask yourself how many times have you had the thought: “I’m just one person, alone and small. What effect could I possibly have all by myself?” We’ve all been there. It’s natural and normal to perceive the individual as being powerless beyond what they can touch and manipulate with their hands. We’ve all been faced with that massive project, that moment where the activist within us looks at a social issue and feels compelled to do something but ultimately fails to do so simply because of the true enormity of the situation as we see it.

But the truth is, no matter how enormous that one element of our lives may seem, it is dwarfed by the greater enormity of social issues or projects, which are in turn ridiculously dwarfed by the size and history of our planet, which itself is ridiculously dwarfed by the enormity and history of our solar system, our galaxy, our local cluster of galaxies, our universe and so on. Your power lies in the ways that you allow yourself to perceive it. If you perceive yourself to be small and powerless, you will be. You are the product of what your thoughts create.

So, you might ask: if we can do anything, then why can’t I ask for a million dollars and get it?

Well, stop for a moment and think about this. Think about the motivations behind such a thought (other than the projected skepticism/doubt that says: prove it to me because I think this is all a crock) Ask yourself why you would want a million dollars– these reasons are brewing in your subconscious when you project the want for a million dollars, and they are the intent that you are putting forth as non-physical energy, along with the doubts, however buried, that you will actually receive that million dollars. In the end, the million dollars becomes merely a symbol for what you really want weighed down with the heavy additional doubts that come with knowing that the likelihood for a million dollars to just appear in your hands is very slim indeed. Maybe these self-undermining practices of the subconscious and the doubting mind are intentional and purposeful. Maybe they are a biproduct of evolution. Maybe they aren’t. Consider the fact that, if we all asked for a million dollars and got it, the inflation would put us all right back where we were, if not leave us worse off! If you know anything about money, that thought is lingering in your subconscious as well, and as a unified part of the greater non-physical singular consciousness, perhaps there are limiting factors (like a subconscious measuring of the fairness of you becoming a millionaire while everyone else around you who works harder squats in the ditch) which come from the whole as well in order to keep things in check or merely reinforce our perceptions of the way physical reality works.

So what is the best course of action if you want your million dollars? Focus on what you really want: financial security, a better job, a free lunch, things that you have few, if any doubts, about the chances of getting. Focus on good things happening to you (because it’s perfectly reasonable in a totally rational universe to have good things “randomly” happening to you.) Find the reasons why you would want a million dollars and focus on the solutions to those reasons that you find most plausible occurring within the framework of reality as you perceive it.

Now take this concept a step further: Imagine if we all asked for the things symbolized initially by “a million dollars” (like the security of never having to worry about money.) Imagine if the entire world really got together and concentrated on financial security for all. Really believed that it were possible and within our reach as a world. Where would that put us? Right where we want to be. With belief, anything is possible. We shape reality with our minds.

And herein lies the key.

Knowing that you are the universe, an individual only in the fact that you are a facet of the greater whole, inextricable from the continuum, you have the power to influence reality on what you perceive to be a massive scale if you simply believe and accept that you are able to. Most Spiritual practitioners “amplify” their perceived level of individual power through the use of specific rituals and “magical” objects, but these things, by their very nature, are limited and limiting. Physical tools and perceived limitations are crutches that we use to reinforce belief and dispel or override the projection of doubt to a greater degree. “Magical objects” only have power because we ourselves believe they have power, and by believing as such, we gather into them certain qualities or frequencies of non-physical energies, creating energetic constructs in the same space that the physical object occupies. Ritual words and tools assist us in performing energy work because we believe that they do, and by believing, we are able to more fully move past the doubts that everyone wrestles with when it comes to issues of working with non-physical aspects of reality. Priests and spiritual leaders are tools in this way as well– as individuals, they have the same impact potential as anyone else (as modified by their perceptions of reality and their projected belief versus projected doubt) and by believing in their power, we project that belief into them and augment their actions, their impact upon a mutually perceived consensus of reality with what we perceive to be the impact or level of power within ourselves as individuals. Essentially, what we perceive is within the realm of the possible through the spiritual actions of a tool (in this case, a spiritual leader) is projected energy which augments his or her actions within an agreed-upon consensus of perceived reality. We empower spiritual leaders in the same way that we empower objects– by believing that they will fulfill a specific purpose, augment an action/event, and/or impact physical and/or non-physical reality in a given way.

Another tool that a number of cultures and practitioners use as a crutch between themselves and their true power are hallucinogens. Like rituals, objects, leaders and other means of overriding doubt with a greater degree of focused belief-energy, hallucinogens allow the individual to loosen their grip on perceptions of the patterns and workings of physical reality. They allow the mind to accept what it normally would not and therefore open it to a wider perception of the workings of reality.

In the end, all these tools, these ways that we have collected as a species and as members of different faiths and cultures to override doubt and fear and focus intent and belief amount to a form of personal emulator through which we access traditionally spiritual frequencies of energy. As we journey through life, we construct these highly individualized emulators out of elements that we perceive as being more effective than others at allowing us access to the non-physical, but in reality these are merely constructions, crutches which serve as doubt inhibitors and perception amplifiers. This is why all rituals and practices of all faiths work observably when enough belief is put into them. It’s the reason why even practices like chaos and flash-in-the-pan or pop-culture oriented magic systems work. If you can put belief behind the words, anything becomes powerful. The strength is within you and within the universe simultaneously– you are the universe. You are that power. You are that energy. You and everything that you are, your self, your consciousness, your physical and non-physical elements are all completely inextricable from the whole on the most fundamental level. Differences and individualities are merely perceived.

Even pure constructs of energy viewed as such (non-physical tools, priests, guides etc.) are tools perceived by the mind and stand as crutches to true potential. I would argue that by creating objects of non-physical energy, we are making an important step in the right direction, but that we are still building walls between what we perceive as the possible and what we perceive as the impossible, even if it does put us closer to the source. It would seem that, ideally, a person would be able to master their conscious and subconscious perceptions to a point that they would be able to effect change on what others might perceive as a massive scale without the use of even any sort of energetically constructed augmentation whatsoever. That would be an impressive goal to strive for.

- - -

Friday, July 9, 2010

Grounding Meditation

Contributor: E.S. Wynn
Tested: Yes

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Relaxation Meditation

Contributor: E.S. Wynn
Tested: Yes

Monday, July 5, 2010

Confidence Meditation

Contributor: E.S. Wynn
Tested: Yes

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Astral Travel Meditation

Contributor: E.S. Wynn
Tested: Yes

Friday, July 2, 2010



What is KAOS? Chaos is often seen as bad, even evil, but this interpretation ignores the two sides of the reality which those of an eclectic or chaotic/inclusive/experimental spiritual path walk; the side of ultimate potential, the ability to create, realize, change or become anything, and one of ultimate responsibility for ones wishes, actions and decisions. KAOS is the void in which everything is possible, good or bad. It is the space that remains after you rip down the scaffolding of organized religion, traditional paths and programming that clogs and shapes the minds of everyone on the planet. It is the building of a new, individual, free-thinker’s faith borne of personal truths and experimental research done by (and confirmed in the experiences of) oneself and oneself only. Chaotic paths are individual paths built upon the ashes of the old and the obsolete, that which is not the self and does not serve the self. KAOS is about living a mutable spirituality, about creating and accepting one’s own impacts upon the very real non-physical world around us.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The basics:

All traditions and practices work, provided:

  • There is sufficient belief they will work
  • Observer doubt is removed (or kept at a minimum)
  • The result is not kept in check by a higher self (for various purposes, including for the purpose of keeping you on a path to lessons that the greater elements of your consciousness feel you need to learn.)

KAOS is lucid dreaming your waking reality. KAOS has been called “Paradigm Piracy” in that it borrows from other traditions (paradigms) at will and as often as each individual chooses as they construct their paths. In this sense, it is more like spiritual salvaging, picking meat from the bones of dead religions, or even creating hybrid styles and original architecture by analyzing (and incorporating elements of) what has come before.

Often, it is symbolized by an eight pointed star of arrows originating from a single point, but I’ve constructed my own symbol which I feel is more inclusive (rather than exploding outward.)
By reversing the arrows and orienting them toward a single point, a symbol is created that portrays all paths leading to the same source. It implies concentration, focus, the movement of disparate elements toward a greater whole, not in the sense of a mass, a army or a religion, but in the sense of an individual.

So what is KAOS? Everything. Why KAOS? Because it is everything, endless potential requiring endless self-responsibility for realities created. In this sense, Chaos Grimoire is an online book of ingredients which you can pick and choose from, then mix together (or rewrite altogether) to bake your own cake.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010



What We're Looking For:
*Spells, rituals, meditations, essays on belief, the validity of spirit, sigils, glyphs, primers, techniques, warnings, etc.

Lengthwise: Keep it short if possible. 4000 words or less. Query first on longer pieces.

Our sweet spot: 1000 words or less (100-800)

Submit as much and as often as you like! :)

Things to consider before sending:
*Proofread it! :)
*Sex magic and bloodletting rituals are OK, but don't go into extreme or graphic detail. It may work great for you, but if you send us something too intense, (i.e. human sacrifice, x-rated erotic detail of a spell, etc.) we won't publish it.

Things we like:
Clarity. Lucidity. Reasonable (and preferably self-tested) real magical techniques (that work.) The straight stuff, no frills, no dogma. This is a how to manual. Give it to us straight. Pretty much anything that comes to us this way is OK. Be unique. Don't just think outside the box. Leave the box entirely and walk away forever.

When submitting, please submit your material through the form at the bottom of the page:

Here’s the legal stuff: When your material gets accepted, you are giving Chaos Grimoire non-exclusive electronic publication rights and non-exclusive subsequent publication rights. This means that we get to publish your material on the site (but you can send it elsewhere too), and then, after it has been put up on the website, we can stick it in a printed book or on a flyer or something like that, as long as we give you credit.  

We don’t own your material, however– after it appears on the front page of Chaos Grimoire, you are free to sell it for millions of dollars, cut a deal with a movie producer, expand it into a book, enter it into your own or someone else's anthology or anything else all without needing our approval– as long as you remember to tell any potential buyers that they are buying your story as a non-exclusive piece.

In order to avoid complications, we're only accepting work which you previously haven't sold or given away the rights to. That means your work must not have been published elsewhere, either in print or on the web.

In the meantime, spread the word!

Again, by submitting your story to Chaos Grimoire, you acknowledge that if your story is accepted, you are giving the Chaos Grimoire team:

A. The non-exclusive right to electronically publish the story on
B. The right to republish the story in or in connection with Chaos Grimoire, including electronic or hard copy promotional material and printed compilations, provided that authorial credit is given in every instance of reproduction.


Credit (your name, your website if you have one, and your short bio) and publication! Whether this is your jumping off point as a writer or a way to get another piece on your resume, Chaos Grimoire offers you a voice, a chance to get your work out there in the hands of readers and contribute your own drop of water to the ocean of awakening that will wash over us all in time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Chaos Grimoire is an internet spellbook, a spiritual how-to DIY manual contributed to by people from all over the world in an effort to help trigger a greater spiritual awakening among the public. This site strives to be a free resource for eclectics, shamanic mechanics, the curious, magick pracitioners and those who follow a path of KAOS.

In true KAOS fashion, it embraces all traditions and excludes only bigamy and dogma. There is no one right path. There are many. Miracles and magic are a spiritual universal. The question of whether faith is real or not is a ship that has already sailed. There's something more out there and this site is the supply depot where real people share the tools and techniques that they have used to interact with it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chaos Grimoire is edited and operated by a diverse team of authors and spiritual experimentalists who come from a variety of backgrounds. Content submitted by other authors is reviewed by the entire staff before it is posted on the site.

Earl S. Wynn

E.S. Wynn is the author of over thirty books (Pink Carbide trilogy, The Cygnus War series in print, Beyond Oblivion and a Modern Creative Writer's Workbook) the chief editor of a number of literary fiction magazines, designer and voice actor for all 10 discs of the Meditations for the Soul series, as well as the owner of Thunderune Publishing. He has a B.A. in English Education and has been guiding meditations, practicing reiki and teaching multi-cultural shamanic classes for over five years.



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