Monday, September 20, 2010

Money Attracting Spell

Contributed by: E.S. Wynn
Tested: Yes

The best way that I’ve found to attract cold hard cash when you really need it is to:

1. Really, genuinely and completely believe that money is coming soon. Completely fool yourself into believing that there is a check in the mail. Anything that works. Change the world as you perceive it. If you start to worry or doubt, slap yourself. Every. Time. Accept any rituals you do around this as just ways to get the check faster as it trickles through the quantum fabric of the universe and the realities of every other person who handles it on its way to your door.

2. Don’t forget to do your ritual. Make sure it has some left over element to it that will linger in your subconscious afterward. I’ve known people who just went out and channeled Donald Trump or Howard Hughes, but praying to any deity you want works too. For those who need more structure (or feel lost in the chaos of their own universes) here’s what I do:

3. Get something to write, draw or paint with and put this symbol on the backs of both of your hands:
Ok, got it? Put a penny and/or an almond in each hand and make a fist around it. Now reach inside yourself and focus energy at whatever point in your body you associate with your spiritual power. (For me, it’s in the solar plexus.) Charge it up, close your eyes, then repeat the following lines thirteen times (increasing intensity as you go.)

Money is coming
I am going to have lots of money
Money is coming
I have an abundance of money
Coming to me.

Once you’ve done that, lay back, take a break, eat some chocolate, play with yourself, whatever it takes to get yourself in a 100% mellow mood. Forget about the spell. Bliss out and don’t even think about money. It usually comes within three minutes, hours, days or weeks.



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