Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Working Pure Energy

Contributor: Earl S. Wynn

We live in an age where the observations of a rapidly advancing science simply must be taken into account in regards to the presence, quality and inherent power of the non-physical elements of reality. Non-physical reality, as we understand it scientifically, is the part of reality that cannot be touched, but which can be interacted with. Wireless signals, radio waves, electromagnetic fields, these sorts of things are intangible and imperceptible to the senses most of the time, and yet they are there, mixing and swirling in the same space, and most importantly, they can be interacted with. But what do non-physical elements like radio waves and visible light have to do with spirituality? Simple– consciousness is an energy. It is composed of a wave that is merely on a different frequency in a part of the spectrum that is much more difficult to perceive, and yet which penetrates and envelopes everything. Sound implausible? As living organisms, we can only perceive a small amount of the energy around us with our established senses– beyond that, there is an entire spectrum of energy that we use every time we turn on the radio or use the internet or make a cellphone call. These energy fields are always here, occupying the same spaces as each other and yet (usually) never getting in the way of each other. But no one in the know will ever claim that we can perceive all of the frequencies of energy that exist around us, even with the use of technology. It is reasonable to assume that there are endless variations of energy frequency in any given space, and that’s where the more “subtle” energies are most likely to exist, if they exist within this dimension (scientists agree that there are many) at all.

But if spiritual (non-physical) energy is merely a particular frequency (or group of frequencies) then what does that mean for religion? It means a unification (or at least a universal acceptance) is a possibility. Ask yourself: How would you feel if you realized suddenly that every faith which is practiced by people who put conscious belief into their practices, is ultimately right or true, in a sense? How would it effect your life if suddenly it became clear that we’re all right in our own ways of manipulating the non-physical, however individual those ways may be?

Confused? Wondering how it could be that simple? Think about it this way:

Religion and spirituality as they stand today are useful, but they are ultimately flawed constructs which work in blunt, dualistic ways, applying simple logic to string together the things that we perceive and cannot explain. They are like emulators, operating systems or frames that give the mind a mentally tangible means of explaining how interactions within the realm of non-physical reality work. In short, individual faiths, regardless of how ancient or new, are like languages– no one language is right or wrong. They all have their beauty and their shortcomings, and some people will defend a given language to the death and try to spread it everywhere they go, but ultimately languages are only the means by which we can interact with the massive sea of pure thought which exists within the minds of each of us as individuals. Languages are the operating systems, if you will, the emulators through which thought becomes concrete and transmissible.

Now, imagine if we could strip away all the extraneous elements of language and just communicate in pure thought. That’s the approach this site takes toward non-physical (spiritual) energies. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you worship– if you believe, you’re working with the same energies. You’re creating harmony in the discord. Is this supported by science? Most definitely. Numerous experiments have shown that the mind is capable of effecting change on the quantum level, and we all have the same basic design of human brain. The same centers react in our mind when we have a spiritual experience because they are part of the emulation process that allows the physical to access and utilize the non-physical. We are powerful beings, even here, projected as we are into the densest layers of reality (physical existence) and we have only to realize that power to effect profound changes for the betterment not just of ourselves, but of others and the world around us.

The point of this site is not to start any new religion or encourage people to throw away their current faiths, but to reveal the unifying energy beneath all faiths and philosophies to encourage a greater involvement and impact within your religious experiences, as well as a greater acceptance of the beliefs of others. Everyone should be allowed to worship whatever they want, however they want. It’s not how the energies we align with spirituality are accessed that matters, it is what we choose to use them for.

Our first obstacle, however, is doubt.



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